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     March 2018

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2012 DCM Bluelake Portfolio Competition   
(26 March - 18 May)   
The 2012 DCM BlueLake Portfolio Competition saw some massive profits made, with over 1.5 billion shares traded and a total profit of almost $5.5 million! The first six weeks of the Competition saw a fairly steady market, but participants' skills were tested when the S&P/ASX300 retreated 8% in the final two weeks. Despite an overall loss of 5.5% from 26 March to 18 May, the average profit/loss of the registered 4,402 participants finished in the green at $195.
The Competition's top participants certainly proved their worth after being neck-and-neck for the first half of the competition, with less than $4,500 on average separating the top 2 players in the first 3 weeks. In the final weeks of the Competition the top 3 distinguished themselves from the pack, finishing with portfolio values of more than $480,000; i.e. making returns of more than 140% on their starting capital of $200,000!

The 2012 Prize Pool was split as follows:
$5,000 + a trip to New York City for the winner;
$3,000 for 2nd;
$2,000 for 3rd;
$1,000 for 4th; and
$500 each for 5th to 10th place winners!

TradingPlaces would like to congratulate everyone who participated, and thank DCM BlueLake, as well as Industry Co-Sponsors Yellow Brick Road Securities, Ord Minnett, Canaccord|BGF and BBY for their support.
Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner!
John McQueen
University of New South Wales

"The competition started off with a bang with the micro cap Platinum Australia Limited (PLA) experiencing a 300% gain in one week - wary of an unsubstantiated rise many of us jumped off at the first sign of weakness giving us a valuable head start at the beginning of the competition. After a few months of relative calm on world markets with US economic data continuing to show signs of recovery, albeit at an anemic pace compared with past post recession recoveries, Europe once again hit the headlines toward the end of the competition throwing the ASX into a downward tailspin. As a traders’ competition, often the best position was holding cash, especially with some of the blue chip miners gapping down 2-5% overnight. Many of the smaller cap stocks on the XKO were moving in 10% ranges daily in the last weeks, proving capital to be the only restraint on the number of enticing trades. The most profitable strategy was keeping a close eye on severely beaten up mining and energy stocks and taking a position on capitulation hoping for wild intraday recoveries. A huge bounce from Evolution Mining (EVN) resulting in a near 15% trade on the last day capped off the end to a great competition. I'd like to the thank DCM BlueLake and Co-Sponsors for providing the competition and platform enabling a great learning experience into equities trading without financial risk. I encourage all others interested to dive into the world of trading during next year's competition and to take a good look at the vast number of quality companies outside of the traditional blue chips ."
Congratulations to the Top 10 Prize Winners
RankName Equity ($)University
1John McQueen 630,169University of New South Wales
2Joshua Bay 549,682University of New South Wales
3Qichi Han 484,511Macquarie University
4Amrico Hamdjaja 268,401Macquarie University
5Issa Mefaddi 247,690University of Western Australia
6Anthony Lim 238,135Australian National University
7James Lever 235,315Deakin University
8Gavin Crank 233,342University of New South Wales
9Julia Li 232,658University of Western Australia
10Huyen Ngo 230,664University of Canberra
Top Weekly Traders
 Name Equity Gained ($)University
Week 1Gavin Crank 66,300University of New South Wales
Week 2James Lever 73,114Deakin University
Week 3Jay Gurnani 24,821University of New South Wales
Week 4Marvin Truong 14,060University of New South Wales
Week 5Joel Yang 24,327Australian Catholic University
Week 6Roger Gomes 13,125University of Western Sydney
Week 7John McQueen 24,570University of New South Wales
Week 8Qichi Han 25,739Macquarie University
Thank You
A big thank you to all the student society promoters and staff who helped promote the Competition this year.

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BlueLake Partners is an equity trading and investment company based in Sydney, Australia, with active operations in Equities and Derivatives. The 2016 Bluelake Partners University Portfolio Competition allows Australian undergraduate university students the opportunity to showcase their trading and investment skills in a bid for potential career and networking opportunities, as well as great prizes.