2018 Bluelake Partners
  University Portfolio   Competition

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     March 2018

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2013 DCM Bluelake Portfolio Competition   
(25 March - 17 May)   
The 2013 DCM BlueLake Portfolio Competition saw some impressive trading, with the top 29 participants making returns of over 10% on their starting capital of $200,000! The S&P/ASX300 gained almost 4% from 25 March to 17 May and this positive market allowed for some solid profits to be made, with almost $1,000,000 in total earning made in the Competition's final 2 weeks.
In the end, less than $2,000 separated First and Second Place - Marcus Choy from the University of Western Australia and Rebecca Chow from the University of Adelaide. Congratulations to the top 4 participants, who all made more than $30,000 in profits (a return of 15% on their starting capital)!

The 2013 Prize Pool was split as follows:
$5,000 and a trip to New York for the winner;
$3,000 for 2nd;
$2,000 for 3rd;
$1,000 for 4th;
and $500 for 5th place!

TradingPlaces would like to congratulate everyone who participated, and thank DCM BlueLake, as well as Industry Co-Sponsors Canaccord|BGF and BBY for their support.
Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner!
Marcus Choy
University of Western Australia

"Following the strong performance of the Australian financial sector in early 2013 compared to the volatile global financial markets, I initially constructed a portfolio predominantly featuring bank stocks. I later shifted my investment focus to penny stocks to create a more high-risk portfolio, in the hopes of attaining high returns in a relatively short timeframe. This strategy paid off, with the rapid nature of price movements in these stocks allowing quick profits to be made, and freeing up cash flows to enable other investments. Both Neon Energy (NEN) and Grange Resources (GRR) rose by 22.5% and 33% respectively over a week, giving a massive boost to my total equity as well as ranking on the table. My position was then secured by my holdings in Macquarie Group (MQG), which increased by a massive 10.9% on the day following the company's announcement of a 17% increase in their 2013 full year profit compared to 2012.

I would like to thank DCM BlueLake and co-sponsors for making this competition possible. It is an excellent simulation of the share market, minus the pressure of investing real money, and is an exceptional educative experience for any student interested in share trading, regardless of their field of study. The competition structure is one where students of varying levels of marketplace understanding can participate, and I urge anyone interested in the share market to join the 2014 competition and explore the effectiveness of different strategies in trading. "
Congratulations to the Top 10 Position Holders
RankName Equity ($)University
1Marcus Choy 250,273University of Western Australia
2Rebecca Chow 248,315University of Adelaide
3Nicholas Cooke 234,334University of Sydney
4Brandon Phengsavath 230,255Monash University
5Amy McDougall 227,703Griffith University
6Daniel Shnier 227,193University of New South Wales
7Todd Hoy 227,153University of Adelaide
8Ryan Pieszko 226,050University of Queensland
9William White 225,902University of Newcastle
10George Beniac 225,482University of Sydney
Top Weekly Traders
 Name Equity Gained ($)University
Week 1XUEFANG CHEN 10,846University of Queensland
Week 2Akash Goyal 16,021Macquarie University
Week 3Shui Lung Ma 17,826University of Western Sydney
Week 4Matthew Ho 9,240University of Western Sydney
Week 5Faridz Sazwan Jaafar 23,433University of South Australia
Week 6Marcus Choy 22,205University of Western Australia
Week 7Dennis Mok 36,670University of Sydney
Week 8Hyunmo Kang 14,884Macquarie University
Thank You
A big thank you to all the student society promoters and staff who helped promote the Competition this year.

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BlueLake Partners is an equity trading and investment company based in Sydney, Australia, with active operations in Equities and Derivatives. The 2016 Bluelake Partners University Portfolio Competition allows Australian undergraduate university students the opportunity to showcase their trading and investment skills in a bid for potential career and networking opportunities, as well as great prizes.