Public Portfolio Competition

  2016 Bluelake Partners
    Public Portfolio      Competition

Competition commences      April 04, 2016
Competition ends          May 13, 2016     
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TradingPlaces FAQs
What is TradingPlaces?
TradingPlaces was created in 2000 by Droga Capital, a boutique Australian hedge fund. It was developed to provide the most comprehensive educational experience in simulated online stock trading. TradingPlaces is committed to providing a sophisticated and realistic environment for university students to learn about market dynamics and Australian listed companies. TradingPlaces proudly hosts the BlueLake Partners Portfolio Competition.
How do I buy, sell or watch shares in the game?
Enter the ASX code of the share you would like to buy, sell or watch into the "Quote" box on the left hand side of your screen. If you don't know the ASX code or would like to look at all available shares, click on the 'Portfolio' link and then "ASX Codes" tab link. Once you have entered the share code and hit "submit" you will be taken to the Quote screen. If you want to add the company to your Watch List, click on "watch". To place an order, select either buy or sell from the pull-down menu and enter the number of shares you would like to buy or sell. Note that you can only put up to 25% of your portfolio in one share. If you would like to set a limit buy or sell order, enter your limit buy or sell price in the "price column". By leaving the price column blank, you agree to pay the next available price in the market.
Can I watch the progress of my orders and delete open orders?
Yes. Click on the "Open Orders" tab after clicking the 'Order Pad' link to view or delete open orders which have not yet been processed. Note that it may not be possible to delete orders if they have already been executed. To see the status of orders that were not processed, click on the "Problem Orders" tab towards the top of the page.
How often do the rankings update?
Ordinarily the rankings update every hour, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Are contestants penalised for losing money in the game?

Rankings are based on total return. Competitor's portfolios are not risk-adjusted.

Can I receive dividends in the Competition?
Yes, if you hold shares in a company that pays a dividend, the dividend amount will be added to your cash holdings on the night that the company goes EX-dividend.
For further information
If your question has not been answered by the FAQ or Rules sections, feel free to email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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BlueLake Partners is an equity trading and investment company based in Sydney, Australia, with active operations in Equities and Derivatives. The 2016 Bluelake Partners Portfolio Competition allows Australian undergraduate university students the opportunity to showcase their trading and investment skills in a bid for potential career and networking opportunities, as well as great prizes.