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2016 Bluelake Partners Portfolio Competition   
(04 April - 13 May)   
In 2016 Bluelake Partners Portfolio Competition the competitors had the chance to experience life as an equities trader and enjoy the exhilaration of the stock market! With a starting virtual equity balance of $200 000, competitors bought and sold stock on our ASX300 simulator over an intensive 6 weeks.

The 2016 Prize Pool was split as follows:

$2,000 for the winner
$1,000 for 2nd and
$500 for 3rd
Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner!
Kevin Zhang
University of New South Wales

"Thank you to Trading Places for running the competition this year. I would encourage all students with an interest in the financial markets to register.

The past few months marked an exciting start to the year for lithium companies, as Tesla announced the construction of a lithium-ion battery giga-factory, bolstering demand for the sector. We saw Australian lithium companies surge over February to May, with small caps such as PLS (ASX) and GXY (ASX) doubling in share price from the start of the year.

We also started off the year with one of the worst months since the financial crisis in 2008, as volatility in the Chinese stock market blew onto the Australian and US markets. As a result, we also saw investors dampening their view on the Fed's hawkish plans to raise interest rates multiple times this year, which subsequently drove a flight to safe-havens and gold. I structured my portfolio around these themes, which helped generate the majority of my returns.

Overall, the competition was not too demanding time-wise. I kept the core of my positions throughout the 6 weeks of trading, whilst checking in on my portfolio and the financial news a couple of minutes each day. As a good opportunity to simulate your own ASX portfolio, I would recommend the competition to students of all backgrounds, regardless of experience in the share market"
Congratulations to the Top 10 Position Holders
RankName Equity ($)University
1Kevin Zhang 274,308University of New South Wales
2Bridget Seberry 271,904University of Canberra
3Nixon Phongsivorabout 255,260University of Sydney
4Alasdair Forrest 254,074Monash University
5Greg Clark 250,587Griffith University
6Stephen Lindsay 250,569University of New South Wales
7Jan Philip Kirchner 250,013University of Adelaide
8Ben Wilson 248,592University of Queensland
9Tony Huynh 247,984University of Newcastle
10Timothy Le 245,588University of Sydney
TradingPlaces would like to say thank you and congratulations to all competitors for their participation and performance in the 2016 BlueLake Partners Portfolio Competition.

And a big thank you to all the student society promoters and staff who helped promote the Competition this year.